Sandinista Leeds

Nuestra casa es tu casa. That simply means our home is your home, and as the Eagles sang: “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”. Thatcher apparently wanted to ban the word Sandinista, instigating the Clash’s choice of album title...anything that gets up her nose is good enough for us!!!

A revolution in Nicaragua, there’s no interference from America? Those Washington bullets want Castro dead. Bacardi was never an option; join the Havana Club. Coca Cola was banned for its invidious practices. The rebels joined the mix and the rum collection grew and grew. Sandinista Rumas did our hangovers, we adapted, and we innovated and occasionally plain pilfered!


There are so many faces to Sandinista! It has more aliases than Howard Marks and more lives than Keith Richards. Passion is not a fashion. This is ours; judge for yourself.

Our Services

Sandinista is a bar and grill with locations in Leeds and Manchester. We serve delicious, authentic Latin food hailing from various Caribbean Islands. In the evenings we play live music and have a downstairs nightclub that operates from 10 pm until 3 am from Thursday –Saturday. There are gigs on weekly and fresh talent every month, as well as resident DJ’s.


We have a full complement of talented cocktail creators on our bar team and serve almost every spirit imaginable, plus a vast range of beers and wines. However, our real speciality is rum.

We endorse the true Havana Club and so therefore boycott all Barcadi products in protest of the wrongful use of the Havana Club name.


You can hire our function rooms, nightclub and even the entire establishment for your private events. Please get in touch for details on our venue hire process. Smarter Lead Generation have been a close partner of ours, and help us to run every event.

Get to Know Us

At Sandinista, we are a super friendly bunch who love chatting to customers and getting to know the locals, and visitors, so please don’t be shy. We believe in equality and fairness for everyone. If you would like to learn more about the causes we support, please browse our campaigns.


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