Tips on Cocktail Making

There are a few tips for cocktail making that will help you make your drinks look good. Presentation is an important part of the ritual, and it will also make the drinker feel special. Here are some tips on making a good-looking drink: Take your time and make sure it looks nice! This can make your drink feel more special, so you should put a little extra effort into it.

Basic bartending tools

Bar tools are essential in the cocktail-making process, and without them, you won’t be able to properly prepare and serve your drinks. Luckily, there are many simple and inexpensive tools you can purchase for your bar. For example, you should invest in a wine key, a German invention that combines a corkscrew, knife and bottle opener in one. This tool is a popular choice among sommeliers, as it’s convenient, easy to use, and effective. You should also get a speed opener, which is a flat stainless steel bar tool with two holes at each end. Its design makes it small and easy to store on a belt magnet.

A quality small knife is also an essential bartending tool. This knife is essential for garnishing drinks, as many customers prefer them garnished. A good knife will allow you to easily cut fruit and vegetable garnishes for your drinks.


There are many ingredients you can use to make cocktails. Some of them are common pantry staples that you may already have on hand. Others are showy ingredients that take the basic ingredients and elevate them to new heights. For instance, a simple sugar syrup can be made by adding sugar to boiling water and stirring until it dissolves. Once it cools, you can add water to dilute it. Another simple ingredient is ice, which you can easily make by freezing ice cubes.

When deciding what to use for your cocktail, keep in mind that rum and pineapple are two ingredients that are common among tiki-style drinks. You should also consider the origin of sweeteners, as they should come from the same plant as the base spirit. Agave syrup is often the best choice for a margarita, while demerara simple syrup works best for a rum old-fashioned.


There are a number of techniques to master when it comes to making a cocktail. For example, using a blender will help you achieve thicker textures for your drinks. Blenders also make it easy to create frozen cocktails, which are usually made by adding crushed ice. Another common technique is rolling, which is like stirring but requires gentle blending and dilution. This technique is useful for making cocktails with different colours and flavours.

When mixing a drink, you need to know the ingredients well. Certain drinks are best shaken, while others are best stirred. A mixture of the two should be even. Shaking the cocktail can make it more diluted.


Glassware is an important component of serving drinks. It not only adds to the appearance of the drink, but it can also affect how the drink tastes. As such, it is important to distinguish the glassware from one another and to keep it clean and differentiated. Following are some tips for using glassware in cocktail making.

Using citrus wedges to wet the rim of a glass is a common practice, but it’s not always necessary. In fact, most people prefer to dampen the rim of the glass with lime juice by placing it upside-down over the rim of the glass. Lime juice and other ingredients tend to cling to the rim of the glass for a short period of time, so it’s best to set them aside at least 30 minutes before mixing drinks. If you use an unrimmed glass, you can easily wipe the rim clean by wiping with a towel. Alternatively, you can serve half-rimmed glasses to your customers.


Putting the right attitude into the cocktails you make will make them more enjoyable for guests. The best attitude is one that encourages a positive outlook. Keeping a positive attitude will make your guests feel better about themselves. Try out different ingredients and locations when serving Attitude cocktails. You might be surprised at the results!