Common Mistakes Bar Owners Make

In my opinion, the biggest mistake that could happen in a bar or a pub is when it comes to ordering a drink. Many times I have seen patrons in these bars order a drink like a shot of whiskey, which is a really nice drink to take with company, and end up getting one of the highest alcohol content drinks that you can get. This is because many bar owners do not know how to make their bar beverages safe for consumption by the customers. If this happens, you will be spending a lot of money on your bartender mistakes. If you are one of those people that order a shot of whiskey without learning the proper way to serve it, chances are that you might end up spending more money in the end than you will ever save by not learning how to serve your drinks.

Another mistake that I see too often in pubs is the failure to properly socialize with the current clients. Many of the new entrepreneurs that come to the pubs are usually the younger generation and they don’t really realize that a bar is like a community-building place first and a business second. You may not like it when they order their drinks and never make eye contact with the bartenders. This is because younger people of today’s generation don’t really understand what it takes to build and maintain a successful social media campaign. Mistakes like this occur most often in social venues and they should be avoided at all costs.


Another big mistake is when it is over-crowded with stuff and furniture instead of using it for clients. When it comes to a bar or pub, people would rather stand around the bar and use the bartender table when needed than be seated at a fancy table. And also, overstocking the bar is another big mistake, you can sometimes see the excess inventory from the bar. when something like that happen business should rent a storage unit for as long as they need it, rather than packing their venues with extra bottles wich at the end just take off space and make the bartenders job harder.

Hopefully I have shown you some of the mistakes that can happen in your community and how you can avoid them and stop wasting money in the end. If you want to start a successful bar business, you are going to need to ensure that you are well prepared from the start. This includes learning how to socialize effectively with the clientele and you will find that the more you learn about social media, the better able you will be to manage the business side of your bar.