Cuba Solidarity Campaign

We support the views and aims of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign in their defence of Cuba and its people. We strongly disagree with the US’ treatment and isolation of Cuba and support Britain’s opposition to the trade blockade the US holds over Cuba. In our support of this we promote the entire Havana Club and Matusalem ranges as the true rum products of Cuba.

Boycott of all Bacardi owned products

Whilst supporting Cuba in its fight to stand alone as a country in its own right, we also support them in their fight against companies that take advantage of the US trade embargo that still exists today to purely further their own financial gain. Bacardi are one of these companies. Bacardi have registered and marketed the Havana Club brand in the US. We do not stock or sell any Bacardi owned products at our gigs or event hire. This includes anything in the Bacardi range, Jack Daniels, Bombay Sapphire, Woodford Reserve, the Martini range and Southern Comfort.

Please ask at the bar for more details or contact us:

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

The NSC was formed in 1978 to support the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua establishing democracy, economic and human rights to the country. We support the Sandinista crusade and the humanitarian ethics central to the party’s ethos, hence our name (as well as having a strong allegiance to the Clash’s eclectic fourth album!)

Amnesty International

We support Amnesty International’s standpoint that it’s ordinary people worldwide that can make a difference, standing up for humanity and fighting for fairness and human rights wherever they are threatened. We fundraise for Amnesty International regularly. For example, we recently held a celebration of Amnesty Day through an evening of live music and drinks promotions.

Fairtrade Organisation

The Fairtrade organisation works to ease poverty and sustain development in underprivileged countries. Its purpose is not as a charity; they work to create opportunities for farmers and workers by giving them access to a fair trading environment. They ensure they get a better deal through the use of the Fairtrade symbol on their products. We like the idea of helping producers in developing countries continue to be able to trade in a fair environment so buy Fairtrade products whenever we can. We currently stock Fairtrade teas, granulated coffee as well as brown and white sugars.

Equality and Inclusivity

At Sandinista, we believe in equality for all people, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion race or nationality. We believe it is our duty to ensure that everyone feels welcome and included at our premises. Therefore, we have been collaborating with multiple organisations to implement various measures at our venue that will make access easier for those with physical disabilities. We have also installed a ramp to our rear door, allowing those in wheelchairs spacious access.

Affordable Housing

We are also advocates for fair housing for all, and we want to promote affordable housing and we take a strong stance on those looking to make money from others misfortune. Even people who want to sell house fast should be able to do so without delay and unfair expenses.

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